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Legal Research

If you have visited a law office recently, there may have been something missing from their library: Books! Legal research was always predicated on a system of highly organized and indexed books that would lead the researcher to the legal issue for which they were looking. The firm’s library wo... view entire article
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Dog Bite Cases

Dog bite cases are some of the most serious personal injury cases. The victims range from small children to the elderly. Each of us has a very serious responsibility to ensure our pets do not injure another person. If a person is injured by your dog, you can expect a civil claim to be filed again... view entire article
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Premises Liability Cases

Each year, thousands of people are injured at grocery stores and other businesses when they slip and fall. Kentucky law places a duty on such business to keep the premises safe for their business invitees. Should you become injured in such an accident, remember the importance of making a written r... view entire article
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Jury Instructions

Many attorneys believe the most important aspect of a trial is the jury instructions. While at first glance jury instructions may appear to be highly technical and uninteresting, the attorneys will fight tooth and nail over the exact words given to the jury at the conclusion of a case. Whether it ... view entire article
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Appeals after a Jury Trial

You have had your day in court. The jury returned a verdict. However, the verdict is not in your favor. You have lost your case at the trial court level. The good news is that in all cases, including criminal cases, personal injury cases, and business litigation cases, the jury’s verdict is no... view entire article
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Employer's Liability

As a general rule, an employer is responsible for the negligent acts of their employee while the employee is in the scope and course of their employment. In any personal injury case, including an auto accident, it is vital to determine if the employee causing the injury was working at the time of t... view entire article
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The Courts are Opening

The courts are opening again. Juries are being summoned and trials are being conducted. The courthouses are starting to bustle again with the day-to-day order of business. Everything from auto accident cases, medical malpractice cases, premises liability cases, and the criminal defense dockets ar... view entire article
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Default Judgments

Default Judgments can have tremendous financial and personal consequences. I often get calls from individuals who just found out their wages are being garnished, funds in bank accounts have been taken, and/or there is a lien against their homes. This can result from any type of civil litigation, ... view entire article
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Plaintiff's Deposition in a Personal Injury case

One of the most important stages in any personal injury case for a Plaintiff is giving a deposition. If you are giving a deposition, it means the case is now in the courts and the Defendant (or their insurance company) has hired an attorney to defend them. The deposition is the first time Defense ... view entire article
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Law and the Pandemic

Prior to the pandemic, it was extraordinarily rare for the courts to close. It took a very strong snow or ice storm to shut down the courthouse. And then it was usually for only a day or two. The cases missed were quickly rescheduled and notice was sent to the parties. It was understood that the... view entire article
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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

“A picture speaks a thousand words.” This oft used phrase has special significance in the courtroom and negotiations with insurance companies. Some of the greatest tools for an attorney in a personal injury or automobile accident case are pictures of the scene, the client’s injuries, diagnos... view entire article
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Comparative Fault and Apportionment of Damages in Kentucky

What if you are partly at fault in an auto accident case? Can you still recover from the other driver’s insurance company for your personal injuries? What if you injured yourself in a slip and fall where you could be partly responsible for the injuries you sustained. Can you still recover from... view entire article
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Statutes of Limitations

If you are injured in an automobile accident, a premises liability accident, or suffer any type of personal injury, you have a certain amount of time in which to bring that claim to court. The time limitations are called statutes of limitations and once they expire, your claim is forever barred. T... view entire article
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The Importance of Serving on a Jury

One of the most precious rights we enjoy in our country is the right to a trial by jury. In many places in the world, if you have been accused of a crime or injured by the negligence of another person, your only recourse is to appear before a judge. Imagine if your entire fate or future was to be ... view entire article
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Does the Defendant have insurance?

While many auto accident and personal injury cases settle before going to court, sometimes negotiations with the insurance company are unsuccessful and a lawsuit needs to be filed. In Kentucky, the lawsuit begins by filing a document called the Complaint. The injured party is the Plaintiff and the... view entire article
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Social Media in Litigation

Social media has become a part of daily life. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other services allow us to stay connected with family and friends. However, sometimes people forget that what they post is not only being viewed by family and friends. It may become evidence in a lawsuit. One of the ... view entire article
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