Each year, many workers are injured on the job. Kentucky requires employers to purchase workers compensation insurance to compensate their employees injured while in the scope and course of their employment. Employees are entitled to various benefits, including having their medical bills paid, receiving a partial paycheck during their temporary total disability, and even receiving additional benefits for permanent disabilities. Many times, the employee is injured in an auto accident while working. If another driver was negligent and responsible for the accident, the employee would also have a claim against the third-party driver and their auto insurance carrier. While Kentucky law does require the workers compensation insurance carrier be reimbursed for any recovery of duplicate damages from a third party, there will still be damages over and above what the workers compensation insurance carrier can pay. The most obvious of these is the pain and suffering the injured worker incurs from his or her injuries. So, if you are in an auto accident while working, remember to contact counsel to file both your workers compensation claim and any personal injury claim against the third-party driver. You want to be sure to be fully compensated for your injuries.
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