Dog bite cases are some of the most serious personal injury cases. The victims range from small children to the elderly. Each of us has a very serious responsibility to ensure our pets do not injure another person. If a person is injured by your dog, you can expect a civil claim to be filed against you. Homeowners insurance will often cover these types of injuries, but the policy language is always crucial. Where and how the injury occurs is also important. And often dog bites leave permanent and serious scarring. In addition to civil liability, there are also criminal statutes and ordinances that come into play. Animal Control Services will investigate the matter, and the courts can place several requirements on the owner. These can include a muzzle for the dog, fencing for the yard, and dangerous dog signage. In the most extreme cases, the dog can be put to sleep. Be sure your dog is always on a leash, you have proper fencing, and keep your dog away from people if the dog has any dangerous propensities.
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