You have had your day in court. The jury returned a verdict. However, the verdict is not in your favor. You have lost your case at the trial court level. The good news is that in all cases, including criminal cases, personal injury cases, and business litigation cases, the jury’s verdict is not the end of your case. In addition to your right to ask the trial judge to review certain aspects of the case, you also have the right to file an appeal to a separate appeals court to review the errors you are alleging occurred at the trial. Appellate courts are not jury trials. Rather they are panels of judges who review the trial proceedings. Trial attorneys go to great lengths during the trial to ensure they have properly preserved the record by promptly notifying the trial judge of alleged errors. So even if things don’t go your way at the trial, rest assured you have the right to have an appellate court review the record and look for errors. If the appellate court finds there were errors at the trial, you may even get a new trial.
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