“A picture speaks a thousand words.” This oft used phrase has special significance in the courtroom and negotiations with insurance companies. Some of the greatest tools for an attorney in a personal injury or automobile accident case are pictures of the scene, the client’s injuries, diagnostic test results, and simulations. A client can tell the jury about a broken arm and hope they understand her pain. However, showing the jury the mangled vehicles after the accident, the client’s arm in a cast, and XRAYS showing the rod and screws to keep the bone together gives the jury a fuller idea of what occurred. The attorney will rely upon the client to document the early days of the client’s journey, especially before the client obtains counsel. The attorney will be able to order all of the medical records and put together PowerPoint presentations. But to fully document an injury and explain the client’s journey to the jury or insurance company, the attorney needs the client’s help, especially in the early days following the accident. With a camera on every phone these days, there is no need for any special equipment. Don’t be afraid to document your journey early in the process. The jury or insurance adjustor needs to know your whole story.
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